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Yesterday I accidentally deleted my terminal shell (zsh) and I suddenly couldn't open my terminal to even fix the problem I'd caused. I freaked out a bit.

Thankfully, I found an easy solution, so I made a little video showing how you can change your default shell on macOS.



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hate when engineers complain about “the requirements not being clear”

your responsibility includes figuring out what the requirements should be - the fact that some parts are unclear is information

no good product has ever been built by outsourcing that process to someone else



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As a new designer, finding your first clients can be challenging.

Rather than relying on outreach or waiting for clients to find my portfolio, I have always used a different technique to attract the attention of my dream clients.

Here's what I did, and you can try it too:



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This is pure magic. ✨

→ Sitemaps in seconds
→ Wireframes in minutes
→ Full copy written with AI
→ Layered wireframes to Figma

@relume_io saving the day for web and product designers!

Sponsored post but you gotta try it:



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Quick, underrated SEO keyword research hack👇

  1. Go to Ahrefs (or Semrush)

  2. Enter your keyword & check “SERP Overview”

  3. Check the DR for the top 5

  4. If your DR is higher than the top 5, ranking for this KW will be easier & quicker

(Use this to find keywords that are easier to win & help you build topical authority)



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In domains with a very short distance from inputs to financial outcomes PMs have an easier time arguing for focusing on those inputs

When the distance is longer … especially to sustainable growth … you need to align finance, GTM, and everyone that the link is there



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My strategy:

  1. Be genuine & helpful (without expectation)

This means facilitating intros. Helping people land interviews. Being thoughtful in connecting people. Prioritising relationships over quick revenue. Being known as a super-connector...



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I'm convinced that long-term optimism for difficult projects is made out of short-term pessimism.

Wake up assuming everything will go wrong today.

If it does, you're prepared.

If it doesn't, you're pleasantly surprised.



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